Welcome to the UMBC Postdoctoral website, which provides our postdoctoral scholars with a supportive and enriching environment that fosters research excellence, professional development, and career advancement. As a postdoctoral scholar at UMBC, you can access various resources and opportunities that enable you to thrive in your research, teaching, and career goals. Our community of scholars is vibrant and diverse, with various events, workshops, seminars, and programs sponsored by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, the Faculty Development Center, the PROMISE program, and other UMBC partnerships and memberships. As a CIRTL Campus, we offer support for you to access a national network of virtual workshops that can lead to free certificates in teaching. Our team works closely with postdoctoral scholars, faculty, and staff to create a vibrant, inclusive community that celebrates diversity and scholarship. We invite you to explore our website and discover the many resources and opportunities available as a postdoctoral scholar at UMBC.

What does PostDocs at UMBC mean?

“Postdoctoral researchers, or Postdocs, are highly trained individuals with doctoral degrees who engage in advanced, mentored training to enhance their research skills, gain additional professional experience, and broaden their scientific expertise.

As a Postdoc at UMBC, you can work on exciting research projects, collaborate with leading researchers in your field of interest, and develop your professional skills. Our Postdoctoral positions are temporary, ranging from a few months to several years, and offer you the chance to conduct cutting-edge research, publish papers, develop grant proposals, mentor graduate students, and participate in other professional development activities.

Postdoctoral training is crucial to successful careers in academia, industry, or government agencies. Many of our Postdocs go on to secure tenure-track positions, research positions in industry, or leadership positions in government agencies.

At UMBC, we are committed to providing our Postdocs with a supportive community, excellent facilities, and ample opportunities for career advancement. We invite you to explore our Postdoctoral program further and join us in pursuing scientific excellence.”

How can the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs help you?

Our Office of Postdoctoral Affairs offers various resources and support services for postdoctoral scholars at UMBC. Our program includes mentorship support, career development activities, grant proposal development, and networking opportunities that prepare postdoctoral scholars for successful careers in academia, industry, or government agencies. We also offer a variety of training programs, seminars, and workshops that enhance postdoctoral scholars’ skills and knowledge.

At the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, we are committed to providing our postdoctoral scholars with the resources they need to thrive in their research and career. Our program includes a range of funding opportunities, job postings, academic support services, and networking events that help postdoctoral scholars achieve their goals. We also offer guidance and assistance with grant proposals, manuscript preparation, and career planning.

Visit the Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Development (GSPD) website for more professional development and career support information. We are committed to providing the necessary resources to achieve your academic and professional goals. Start exploring today!

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Join our vibrant community of postdoctoral scholars at UMBC by attending our upcoming events and activities. Our program includes a range of seminars, workshops, and social gatherings that offer networking, learning, and socializing opportunities. We have something for every postdoctoral scholar, from grant writing workshops to research symposia.

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